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Park City Intermediate Skiing Guide

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The two ski resorts in Park City are known for a lot of wonderful things: the soft powder that offers a pillowy cushion to backsides when unexpected falls take place; the most skiable acres in all the nation (at Park City Ski Resort, to be exact); and for being the top intermediate ski spot in the country! If you have been skiing for more than a minute and you have reached a fairly competent understanding of this addictive sport, you will be in your element on the slopes of both resorts. The blue squares will be your friends for now, and as you master your sport, ride the lifts up to what will soon be your favorite trails and then fly back down the mountain on your favorite mode of “transportation” (skis only at Deer Valley, or the choice between skis and snowboard at Park City Ski Resort). In the back of your mind, you may be concentrating on the comforts and warmth you will find in your Park City Hotels ski sanctuary. This guide to Park City intermediate skiing, another fantastic day on the slopes and more perfect nights spent at home in front of roaring fires will have you feeling even more eager to begin your Utah ski journey!

It’s All in the Numbers

Numbers are a big thing in the ski world. We want to know how much snow can be expected each year. On average its 350 inches, but in the 2022/2023 ski season we received a whopping 612! We need to know what dates the season consists of (generally from Thanksgiving to mid-April in Park City) and it could be expedient to know what percentage of beginner, intermediate, and expert slopes are available at the ski resort of your choice. Of course, we at Park City Hotels have those numbers right here at our fingertips, and if your choice of the day runs to Park City Ski Resort, we can tell you that although the resort offers quite a high percentage of expert trails (50%), while the percentage of intermediate trails is a quite respectable 42%. This roughly breaks down to at least 140+ trails of its 7300 skiable acres just waiting to be explored! At Deer Valley Ski Resort, offering just over 2000 acres for skiing in Park City, Utah (Stay tuned, because big changes are scheduled to take place in the 2025/2026 ski season!) provides a more moderate breakdown of their mountain stats, offering 27% beginner, 31% intermediate, 10% advanced, and 32% expert. However you choose to look at all these numbers, though, the magic of a day on the slopes shines bright for all those middle-of-the-road skiers out there!

Impeccably Groomed and Ready for Skiing in Park City, Utah

Because all of the trails on Park City Mountain are regularly groomed, you will feel a sense of wonder and freedom as you cut through the powdery snow, exploring the trails that will become like old friends by the end of your stay and shivering through the ride in the sky back to the summit of each. King Con Ridge may be your home away from home, offering stellar trails to schuss down, as will Sunrise, Prospector, Parley’s Park, Jupiter’s Access, and Silver King Trails, all providing a ski experience that will further increase your love for the ancient sport. Prospector may be the most iconic of intermediate trails, located close to the lift and giving winter athletes a run that can be challenging without being too intimidating!

At Deer Valley, we again offer the reminder that your experience with Deer Valley will change with the merging of Mayflower Ski Resort in the next couple of years, but in the meantime, we can promise a day filled with fun and excitement! Offering a more intimate experience due in part to its smaller size, but also probably due to the fact that it is a ski-only resort, its percentage of intermediate trails is equally iconic. Book your stay at one of our Deer Valley hotels for an unforgettable experience! If you have only recently began exploring the blue squares, Little Baldy is where you may want to start, enjoying wide trails that are shorter, giving skiers the opportunity to increase their skills. For those seeking a lot more fun, excitement, and challenge, Jordanelle walks the line between intermediate and expert, being appointed a DOUBLE blue square designation that will help you cross the bridge to expert with flair! Nabob, Keno, and Tycoon are more fun intermediate trails, and Perseverance Bowl introduces bowl skiing to those with moderate ski experience.

Hot Cocoa, a Crackling Fire, and All the Comforts of Home

After the après ski comes the coziest part of your day. These are the moments that you spend relaxing in front of a roaring fire, dressed in your warmest jammies, and drinking a cup of hot cocoa (Go ahead and make it Irish, you have no place to go to until the lifts open again in the morning!) at our Park City vacation homes. Reserve your favorite ski sanctuary today!