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  • Choose the best location for what's important to your vacation

    Are you planning on hitting the slopes each and everyday? Is shopping on Main Street your priority? Looking to meet some new ski buddies at the local bars? Make sure you stay in an area that meets all of your vacation needs. Park City offers three world class ski resorts, a hopping downtown and many hidden mountain retreats which all provide a different vacation experience. ParkCityHotels.com offers lodging in Park City to match any style, group or need.

  • Comparison shop

    ParkCityHotels.com makes this tip easy! We offer the best deals online for most of Park City's hotels. Whether you are looking for a room just to hang your skis at night or a luxury home away from home, we have it. We also offer vacation rentals and lodging in private homes and condominiums for those with a more discriminatory palette.

  • Read over paperwork before signing

    It is always advised to read over anything before signing. This is very important when it comes to booking your vacation lodging. It would be no fun up to show up for your trip and realize you booked the wrong dates! Park City Hotels makes booking online easy and very user friendly. You are able to see if a mistake is made before hitting that final "confirm" button. Once you do receive your emailed paperwork and notice a problem, ParkCityHotels.com is more than happy to help you work through the problem.

  • Know what is included

    When you pay for your vacation lodging, know what it includes. Many times hotels offer transportation so there is no need to rent a car. Or maybe breakfast is part of the deal so no need to budget that into your trip fund. Again, it is important to read over your paperwork!

  • Have an emergency contact person

    ParkCityHotels.com will ask for an emergency contact person on your final paperwork. This is important to have if anything unplanned happens during your vacation.