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Park City Beginner Skiing Guide

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There’s a simple joy that accompanies a trip down the slopes. The sun shining down overhead, the crisp bite of winter air nipping at your cheeks, and the sound of your skis cutting through the powdery snow. Reaching out and accessing all your senses, there is hardly any other feeling in the world like it, and if it is a sport that has always fascinated you, but one that you have never tried, your winter journey to Park City is the perfect time to correct that! The ancient sport has intrigued humans for centuries, beginning as a form of transportation in the Norwegian and Swedish regions of the world, and today has become the number one reason for a winter vacation. The fears that have held you back from trying to ski before will be alleviated during this vacation of joy, and as you learn the difference between pizza slices and French fries on the side of the mountain, you will feel the beginning stirrings of your newest obsession. This guide to Park City skiing for beginners and your fabulous stay in our Park City Hotels seasonal sanctuaries will prepare you for a world that will soon feel drastically different, even as nothing really changes!

Park City Skiing for Beginners at Two Resorts

First of all, let’s begin the discussion with a look at the ski resorts you can choose to perform your new sport in. Park City Ski Resort is your first choice, and yes, it can be a little intimidating, especially as it is tied for 1st place as being the largest resort in the nation! Welcoming skiers and snowboarders of all skiing abilities, even beginner skiing in Park City, it can seem like it is a small village in itself, offering 7300 skiable acres of terrain. Offering a smaller selection of beginner slopes—of its 330+ trails, only 8% is set aside for green circles (the beginner trails) as opposed to 42% intermediate (blue squares), and 50% advanced (black diamonds)—it does, however, offer ski classes that are divided into age groups, ensuring that you won’t feel foolish as an adult in a class filled with toddlers. As a matter of fact, they may not even use the phrases pizza slice (skis pointing together to look like a slice of pizza) or French fries (skis positioned parallel to each other) during your learning sessions. If you are interested in snowboarding, they also offer lessons in that sport, also breaking down the classes into age groups.

But as we said, Park City Ski Resort is a large one, a resort that can intimidate many, and if you want a quieter start, the second ski resort, Deer Valley, may offer the perfect fit. Much smaller in size (for the moment), it offers just over 2000 skiable acres, and because it is a ski-only resort, the crowds tend to be less impactful. With 27% of its trails constructed for beginners, your choices will be more plentiful, and as you take part in lessons that are also divided into age groups, you may feel more relaxed and at ease. (The total breakdown is 27% beginner, 31% intermediate, 10% advanced, and 32% expert; the additional breakdown between advanced and expert helps skiers feel less intimidated as well.) Also offering slow skiing zones that aren’t just for the absolute beginners, the slower pace can actually help skiers move up to speed in a much quicker fashion, and as you explore the Bandana Trail (accessed by the Ruby Express Lift) and the Success Trail (accessed by Silver Lake Express), you will truly begin to understand the joy we mentioned at the beginning of this page! Deer Valley doesn’t just break down ski school into age groups, it also offers what they call Max 4, meaning your “class” will contain no more than a maximum of four students. If you really want all the attention on you and your new abilities, consider taking a private class (also available at Park City Ski Resort) and see how much easier it is to learn when you are the only one being taught! Don’t be late for your lessons and book one of our Deer Valley ski-in ski-out rentals!

Après Ski Is for All Skill Levels

After your day on the slopes comes to its natural conclusion, the next part of your “lesson” of beginner skiing in Park City is learning all about après ski! Offering a history that dates back to 3000-4000 BC, this part of the sport is designed for skiers of all ski levels and generally involves delicious cocktails that will warm you from the inside out, a roaring fire, music, and some munchies to help hold you over until dinnertime! Any restaurant with alcohol and a fireplace will serve as an ideal après ski spot, but if you want to stick with the traditional spots, the Corner Store at Park City Ski Resort and the Après Lounge, Montage, at Deer Valley will give you the experience you deserve.

Staying Warm in Your Seasonal Sanctuary

Fireplaces, warm blankets, and hugs from your favorite traveling companions will help keep you warm in our luxurious Park City Hotels sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite Park City vacation home today!