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Park City Advanced Skiing Guide

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In every sport, there are always participants with varying degrees of experience levels, with skiing being the one sport where your skill levels are most noticeable. From the novice skiers venturing gingerly onto the slopes, listening carefully to the difference between pizza slice and French fry (if you know, you know!) to those daring performers jumping over moguls and cutting a pretty fine figure on the steepest runs, once the love for the sport invades your soul, chances are there will never be another winter vacation that doesn’t take you to the slopes! And when this winter’s journey brings you to the mountains of Park City and an ever-so-comfortable stay in our Park City Hotels ski sanctuaries, this advanced guide to Park City skiing will help you navigate the slopes and the town.

Park City Mountain

You may not realize it, but with over 7000 skiable acres, our Park City Ski Resort is actually the biggest in the nation, and although it is known for its intermediate ski acreage, 50% of the trails are expert ones, ensuring that those with the skills will have a thrilling time at this resort. The black diamond trails are probably the ones you seek, and this mountain offers not just black diamond trails but more than a few double black diamond ones, something that will make an expert skier’s heart quicken! Skiers know that thrill of standing at the top, staring down at the world around them, and with a quick push off, taking on the challenge of the mountain, meeting each turn and mogul with determination and skill, and when the run is over and they glide into the base, they will be excited to turn around and get right back on the Jupiter Lift for a ride back to the top. The Jupiter Bowl is where the snow may be mostly untouched, 6 Bells is the chute with the greatest challenge, and McKonkey’s Bowl is the double black terrain you will NOT want to miss if your skiing abilities have reached the expert level!

Park City Skiing at Deer Valley Ski Resort

Although currently only offering just over 2000 skiable acres, skiers will be delighted to learn that in the 2025/2026 ski season, Deer Valley will be adding another 3000+ skiable acres with the acquisition of Mayflower Ski Resort, offering a near comparable experience to Park City Ski Resort. For the moment, however, its 2026 acres offer an intimate ski experience for those looking for a little less chaos! This resort is also known primarily for its intermediate trails, but with a breakdown of 24% beginner trails, 40% intermediate, and a respectable 36% expert, seasoned skiers will still enjoy a fantastic day on the slopes. At the moment, Deer Valley is strictly a ski resort, and no snowboarders are permitted, so you will spend your days sharing the mountain with other like-minded ski enthusiasts! Offering steep groomers, moguls, chutes, glades, and bowls, its expert trails will keep you busy and challenged every day on the mountain, and because they limit the number of tickets they sell, chances are you will almost feel as its mountain belongs to you!

Deer Valley was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics freestyle mogul competition, ensuring an Olympic-style challenge for all who follow its trails. It’s the left side of Bald Mountain you will want to concentrate on during your time on the slopes, exploring the Ruins of Pompeii, Triangle Trees, Perseverance, and Mayflower Bowls, or take a chance on the Empire Bowl for double black bowl skiing. Other notable mentions for experts include Argus, Magnet, and Hillside, accessible from the Lady Morgan Express Lift and offering a stunning world-class black diamond terrain, and finally, for a double black diamond run, Centennial Trees wins the day!

Staying in Shape for Your Time on the Slopes

Park City, Utah skiing takes up a different set of muscles, and the expert skiers amongst our Park City Hotels guests understand the importance of staying in shape. This makes the fitness centers in our condo communities a valuable asset, ensuring that even as you are spending your days schussing down the slopes like the daredevil you really are, you will surely be able to spend an hour or so in our fitness centers working on those muscles! Check out a routine that is strictly devoted to skiing or just use the treadmills to loosen up before heading out to the black diamond trails each morning! And remember, both resorts, Park City and Deer Valley also offer beautiful Park City Hotels properties that will allow you to live the ski-in/ski-out lifestyle, ensuring that you can spend much of your precious vacation hours on the slopes instead of having to spend an excess amount of time in transit. Reserve your favorite Park City condo rental today!