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Top 5 Gorgeous Views in Park City

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Park City is known for many things, from winter sports and summer fun to gorgeous views. Make sure to make some of those views a part of your stay. No matter how you reach these amazing views, you’ll want to make sure they’re a part of your Park City experience. Depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll need to check the Utah Department of Transportation website to make sure your planned route isn’t closed or blocked.

Sightseeing in Park City: Guardsman Pass

The scenic drive weaves through beautiful mountains and scenery on its way to Midway and Big Cottonwood Canyon. Catch glimpses of wildflowers, wildlife, foliage, and breathtaking views. In the fall you’ll see greens turn to gold, amber, and a myriad of other fall colors as the area gets ready to be blanketed with snow. The paved road winds through Deer Valley Hotel rentals, as well as alpine meadows and other features to end at summit of Guardsman Pass—9,700 feet above sea level! Take in the views at the summit, then continue on into Big Cottonwood Canyon to Salt Lake City. This area is a watershed where dogs are not allowed, so make sure your furry friend is secured in the car or back at your accommodations. The short driving trip is 30-60 minutes “out and back.” Make sure it’s a part of your plans from May to November. Weather closes the area in the winter.

Weber Canyon

By car or on foot, Weber Canyon is one of the best sightseeing in Park City areas to explore. Beautiful aspen groves gleam green in the summer and shimmer bright yellow in the fall. Hikers and bikers in the canyon will find plenty of trails with different levels of difficulty, but all of them pay off in gorgeous views. If you make the trip by car, make sure it includes a stop at the Smith and Morehouse Reservoir. If you want to add some education to trip, look into the history of the Trans-Continental Railway, which cut through the canyon. The driving trip is a 60-mile round trip, with plenty of points for stopping along the way and accessible in the summer and fall months. Bring your furry friend along for some outdoor fun at the stops, too.

Bridal Veil Falls Trail

Hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts make sure the falls are a part of their adventures during a Park City respite. The natural waterfall can be found in Provo Canyon via a myriad of paths with varying difficulty. Car-trippers can access a trail back to the falls after parking in the trailhead parking lot. The trails back to the falls are open year-round, but Mother Nature may have her own ideas during the winter months. You’ll have gorgeous views of the falls, and you can also take some time to hike the rest of the canyon for even more hidden gems and views that will take your breath away. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places to see in Park City.

Emigration Canyon

Westward expansion is a major part of U.S. history. The Oregon Trail, the Gold Rush, the Trans-Continental Railroad, and other landmark events you heard about in school are important events that allowed the U.S. to stretch “from sea to shining sea.” An important emigration in Utah and Mormon history happened in the area in 1847. Locals and visitors alike will enjoy stepping back in time to the moment when the Mormon pioneers made their final descent into the area when they visit the area between East Canyon and Salt Lake City. The Little Mountain Summit, at an elevation of 4,940 feet, marks the place where Mormons made their way to settle the town. The area is full of gorgeous views, including views of Little Dell Reservoir. The area is open year-round, accessible by both hiking trail and car via scenic drive, but make sure there are no road or trail closures keeping you from the breathtaking views.

Echo Canyon I-84

This specific section of the highway that stretches from Park City through Echo Canyon State Park to Henefer is also connected to the settlement of Salt Lake City. The trail was traveled by buffalo, Native Americans, and was a key section traveled by the Mormon pioneers on their final descent to Salt Lake City in 1847. There are many unique rock formations viewable up-close-and-in-person by hikers as well as from the scenic roadway by drivers and their passengers. The driving trip is available year-round, even in the winter months as it’s maintained as part of the U.S. interstate highway system.

Beautiful Views in Park City

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