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The communities that can be found throughout the neighborhoods of Park City all offer something that enhances the region, especially the ones in which our Park City Hotels offer homes and condos. Built to withstand the winter cold and reflect the stunning landscape that surrounds them, every place we offer is destined to enhance your vacation experience! Today, we want to talk about the Arrowleaf community, one that is located within a short distance of Deer Valley and offers 2- and 3-bedroom residences that will bring joy to your stay. Every day will be a new adventure when you choose Arrowleaf in Park City for your sanctuary, and this guide will show you all the reasons why.

Sophistication on the Mountain

Mountain homes often tend to go for a rustic charm, amplifying the beauty of the area while keeping life simple on the inside, but Arrowleaf properties have always tended towards elegant sophistication. The clubhouse does offer wood floors and dark wood beams, but the chairs gathered in front of the large stone fireplace are all modern, offering a puffy jacket style that is comfortable and stylish. The lighting options in said building are glass and chrome, with some hanging lamps actually resembling selfie lights that all the influencers require for equipment, and the artwork on the walls is simple—a set of old wood skis photographed at close range and cut into a triptych that hangs on the wall over the pool table. Inside, travelers will find a coffee and hot cocoa bar, plenty of comfortable seating, and complimentary Wi-Fi for those who like to sit, scroll, and savor quiet moments amidst fellow travelers. The ski storage room, built to resemble the lockers of an exclusive country club, offers wood lockers, benches, and pegs to hold your warm coats while preparing for your ski adventures.

Outside, the Arrowleaf at Empire Pass does feature a rustic charm with stone walls, iron gates, and wood and glass structures seeming to grow from the ground, much like the trees that shade the community. An outdoor common area is often filled with laughing and chattering groups of skiers, waiting for their families to be ready to hit the slopes, and the community hot tubs present a wonderful way to stay warm and keep your muscles loose and limber. New friendships are often made in these bubbling bodies of water, which are somehow even more soothing and fun when the snow is piled on the landscape! Throughout the community, firepits are popular spots after a long day of skiing, (Deer Valley only permits skiers, no snowboarding is allowed) and as the chairlifts cut through the buildings, it’s ok to call out a friendly hello to the skiers riding above you! Shuffleboard is another game that can be played at Arrowleaf, but if you choose to just walk along the sidewalks on a snowy evening or as the sun sets in the summer months, no one will judge you for avoiding the shuffleboard tables!

Concierge services are available for travelers, perhaps guiding visitors to the best restaurants, offering transportation suggestions, or even helping guests to find a personal chef. Parking is free at Arrowleaf and can be in the private areas, or in the heated garages that keep your car warm, dry, and ready for a road trip adventure at a moment’s notice. Every attention is paid to every detail and guests that choose an Arrowleaf sanctuary for their Park City Hotels lodging will feel pampered and spoiled!

Sneak a Peek into Comfort at Arrowleaf Park City

This guide is dedicated to showing travelers all the reasons the Arrowleaf at Empire Pass may be the only one they want to stay in, and offering a sneak peek into the residences we offer there will help guests make their final decisions. Offering fully equipped kitchens with updated appliances, comfy living rooms with stone fireplaces providing warmth and romance, and dining rooms that will be the center of most family activities, our havens manage to combine a sophisticated style and homey ambiance at the same time.

Relax in overstuffed reading chairs as the fire crackles and snow falls to the ground outside; the views framed in walls of windows will make you think of a Norman Rockefeller scene, and when you and your family are added to the picture, you are sure to think this vacation is the best ever! Spending an hour or so happily submerged in the fragrant waters of the bath you ran, sipping chardonnay and savoring the soft music playing in the background, you will soon find that even the travelers with the worst sleep issues will find their joy in our alpine bedrooms! At night, your sleep will be deep, and your dreams will be happy as you drift off into oblivion, tucked away in warm beds that make you feel safe and secure.

Reserve your favorite Park City Hotels Arrowleaf abode today!