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Grab a taste of down under right in Park City. Five5eeds is a family-owned and operated restaurant providing delicious food and drinks, some with an Aussie twist you won’t find anywhere else. They’re open for breakfast and lunch, with breakfast served all day. Many of their options meet special diets like gluten-free or vegetarian or can be modified. Dine-in is now open 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. with restrictions like mask-wearing when not consuming food or drink, keeping six feet from other diners, as well as a rigorous cleaning schedule and health checks for staff. If you’d rather eat in the comfort of your accommodations, you can also order curbside pick-up.

House Favorites at Five5eeds

The owners and staff of Five5eeds Park City put a lot of love and dedication into their food. If you ask your server about some of the best dishes, they’ll likely suggest something like the hotcake – topped with mixed seasonal berries, lemon-infused mascarpone, nuts, and seeds, or shakshouka – Moroccan baked eggs, feta, and dukkah served with toast.


If you’re looking for a salad packed with superfoods, Five5eeds has it. Their PC Superfood Grain Salad includes wild rice, quinoa, farro, baby kale, and more topped with vinaigrette and feta. Make it gluten-free by request. Another twist on a salad is their grilled cauliflower steak salad, bursting with the flavors of spiced cauli steak, sunflower cream, broccoli, rabe, and quinoa.


Whether you come for breakfast or lunch, there’s bound to be something to tickle your taste buds and please your palate. From dishes as simple to eggs and the way you like them, steel-cut oatmeal, or a breakfast sandwich to offerings as creative as fried chicken sando – crumbled chicken breast, Calabrian chili aioli, house-made dill pickles, and cabbage slaw to the savory waffle & chook made with spinach, chorizo, and halloumi waffle topped with crumbled chook.

Sides and Drinks

Add on sides like eggs, toast, bacon, hollandaise, cured trout and more. Make a full meal with one of their hot drinks like espresso, various lattes, hot chocolate, or even Bundaberg sodas – and Australian favorite drink.

Park City Vacation Flavors

For a meal that’s seasonal and fresh, with a twist of down under, Five5eeds Park City is the place to be. Whether you go into the restaurant for a sit-down meal or decide to order take out to bring back to your vacation rental by ParkCityHotels.com, you’ll surely find something to please your taste buds. If the meal needs a little heating up, turn to your fully equipped, private kitchen. Many of our rentals include stainless steel appliances. Choose from a cozy studio for your solo or couples retreat, all the way up to a sprawling three-bedroom + loft area for a large group or the entire family. Relax with after the meal in the generous living space or the privacy of your own bedroom. Inquire about units that allow your fur baby to come along and maybe get their own taste of Five5eeds’ epicurean delights.

Call us today to start planning your Park City vacation with memories to last a lifetime!