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How to Pack for a Park City Vacation

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Sometimes the hardest part of preparing for a vacation is figuring out how to pack for it. Some travelers plan at least a week ahead, creating spreadsheets, designating a bed in the spare bedroom as the packing space, and plotting for every possible vacation need. Others are randomly tossing socks, every book they own, and formal gowns into their suitcase 5 minutes before they leave for the airport, sitting on the overstuffed case to ensure that it all fits. Both are problematic ways to pack for a Park City, Utah vacation, which is why we at Park City Hotels have created this handy guide to packing for your upcoming vacation. Follow these simple steps and you will have an outfit of the day for every day of your stay and STILL have room for all the souvenirs you are guaranteed to purchase during your stay!

Season Matters

When you visit a state that actually has four seasons, it is important to pay attention to the weather forecast before flying the friendly skies, and when visiting Park City, you will thank us for this important tidbit. Layering is often the best way to pack, preparing travelers for every weather situation. Winter, early spring, and late fall travelers are definitely going to want to pack their winter coat, but we suggest wearing it, so as to save space in your luggage. If it is too warm on the airplane, your coat works perfectly as a pillow, especially when you have a window seat. We suggest wearing your winter boots as well, and in the summer or late spring and early fall, wearing your favorite walking shoes will also leave room in your suitcase as well as providing comfort for the long walk from gate to gate.

Casual Is Key

Although we are a cosmopolitan city in the mountains, the underlying vibe is one that is casual and laidback, and unless you are planning on attending a premiere event at Sundance in January or are planning on a destination wedding, we can reassure you that evening gowns and tuxedos can be left behind! Jeans and sweaters in the winter, shorts, and tees with a light windbreaker in the warmer months, and because space is at a premium, renting ski equipment will make packing easy!

Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and the Code to Your Park City Hotels Vacation Escape

Many of our properties offer keyless entry, so your smartphone can help you keep track of your code to your home sweet Park City, Utah vacation home, and of course, don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen (even in the winter months, because snow is a perfect reflector of the sun) and any toiletries you are particular to. Our properties will also offer a small selection of toiletries, so you can pack even less. Reserve your favorite escape today!