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The Utah Olympic Park is one of Park City, Utah’s best places to visit. This home to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games was the site where athletes from around the world came to compete in winter sport events such as the skeleton, bobsled, luge and Nordic jumping. The Park City Olympic Park has a number of different sporting facilities and visitor areas. Incredibly, this testimony to the human spirit to excel in sports and life has managed a feat that few Olympic venues have achieved. They have maintained this facility and opened it to the public without any entrance fees. It’s a totally free venue to visit.

Olympic Park

This free admission site has a lot to offer visitors. It offers more than just a glimpse of the past, it also gives us a look to the future of our nation and a chance to experience the rush of the games for ourselves. In wintertime, you might want to try taking a bobsled ride. Beginning in December every year, the public can experience the rush of traveling up to 80 miles per hour in a public passenger bobsled driven by an experienced bobsled driver. This is a ride you will never forget, as you hurtle downhill at high speed, the cool winter air rushing past you. See the view from the highest placed altitude ski jump at 7,130 feet. Participate in an introductory camp to luge or skeleton or bobsledding.

In addition to being the stomping grounds of former Olympic athletes, the Utah Olympic Park is home to many of our current high-performance athletes. It is still being used as a training facility for many top winter sport amateur and professional athletes. Indeed, there are regular sport clinics being run here, for all ages and abilities.

The Alf Engen Ski History Museum provides an interactive tour that allows guests to experience a downhill course simulation as well as the feeling of face shots in a three-dimensional Ski Theater. The Eccles Winter Olympic Museum is another component of the Olympic Park. This museum features exhibits from the 2002 Winter Games – including mascots, costumes from the Opening ceremonies and medals. Best of all, both of these museums are included in your free experience of Olympic Park.

But it’s not all winter stuff at the home of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Summer time has a lot for visitors to take in and enjoy. Check out the Comet, a summer bobsled ride. Try the Quicksilver, Utah Olympic park’s stainless steel alpine slide or the Xtreme Zip zipline which gives you sensation of what it’s like to do ski jumping. Or, for a day filled with excitement and adventure, do all three, all for a reasonable price.

One of the other things that you can look forward to in summer is the weekly Freestyle Exhibition Shows which take place at the pool. This special pool was created to allow Freestyle aerialists to practice their twists and turns almost seventy feet up in the air.

No matter when you come to the Park City Olympic Park, you can be assured that your experience will be gold medal worthy! Check out these amazing Deer Valley weekly hotel rentals today!