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Spring Journey to Park City

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When it comes to the seasons, we at Park City Hotels believe that our mountain town experiences the best of all four, and when you choose to visit Park City in spring, it is quite possible it will make that one your favorite at all. Spring is about promise and as the last of the snow melts away and the first buds of flowers begin to pop their heads out of dark and fertile soil, that same promise will be reflected in the adventures you enjoy in Park City, as well as the comfort and luxury you experience in our seasonal sanctuaries. This guide to your spring journey to Park City will help you see it all and make your getaway one that you will never forget!

Day 1: Get Your Bearings

Whether this is your first travel to Park City, Utah, or your hundredth, the first day of any vacation is dedicated to learning your way around town. Spend the initial moments getting to know the spaces you will call your home over the next seven days and the venture out into the town to see all there is to see. Perhaps an early dinner with a taste of the Southwest will be enjoyed at Las Olas, located at 2417 W High Mountain Road is where you will start, devouring chips, salsa, and tacos while saving room for their famous churro sandwich. Or maybe you will stick to the all-American delights offered at The Eating Establishment, located at 317 Main Street, filling your stomach before heading out in the spring air to walk around the historic downtown Park City area.

Day 2: At the Gate of Adventure

Day two can look very different, depending on how early or how late you arrive in the season, and for day two, we are going to pretend you have arrived before the slopes have closed for the season! Anyone arriving before mid-April in most years can spend day two schussing down the slopes of either Park City or Deer Valley Ski Resort, but if snowboarding is your thing, only Park City Ski Resort will do, as Deer Valley is skiing only.

Day 3: Adventures in Late Spring

Now for those that have arrived after the snow has melted and the ski trails are closed to skiers, you don’t have to worry that you are going to miss out on something. This is the ideal time to hike through the countryside, gathering an up close and personal look at flora, fauna, and later in the day, incredible sunsets! Mid Mountain Trail stretches out over 20 miles and offers a peek into the past, as it was originally a mining road in the days when Park City was a mining town!

Day 4: Park City Pond Skim

If your journey takes place on the cusp of ski season ending, the Park City Pond Skim is a spring event that should not be missed! Watch a large selection of experienced skiers dressed in funky costumes attempting to ski down the slope and OVER a 100-foot pond and laugh along with the crowds for all the ones who don’t make it. This event is Park City’s official kickoff to the spring season and is also one of the last ski activities to take place in town.

Day 5: Rest, Relax, and Recharge in Park City in Spring

Not every day has to be spent rushing from activity and if you schedule at least one day of relaxing into your itinerary, we can promise, our Park City Hotels sanctuaries will offer the perfect spot to land! Sleep late in premium beds, enjoy breakfast cooked in your fully equipped kitchen, and if your property has a heated pool on the premises, hang out poolside, letting the soft spring sun warm your bones. Ending the day with a soak in a hot tub under the stars will be the absolute shining star of your spring break in Park City!

Day 6: A Night on the Town

The last night of your stay is the perfect time to check out the nightlife of Park City and the No Name Saloon, located at 447 Main Street offers the perfect way to say goodbye to the vacation of a lifetime. One of the oldest businesses in town, its longevity is due to its versatility; there are four bar spaces and four distinctly different vibes that invite you to have the time of your life!

Day 7: Shop ‘til You Drop

The last day of your stay is the perfect time to visit the shops of Park City and concentrating your explorations on the downtown area will give you a true feeling for the town. This is where cozy boutiques go hand in hand with kitschy souvenir shops and home décor is best served with a mountain flair. Stick to Main Street and you will wish you never had to leave, but if you run out of time, you can always come back another season. Reserve your favorite Park City Hotels escape today!