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Dog Lover’s Journey to Park City

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For much of the world, their families aren’t complete without the furriest members, and if your journey takes you to Park City for a week, you don’t have to leave your sweet pup behind! Just as we at Park City Hotels offer spaces that welcome your favorite fur child, our mountain village will extend its arms to that precious pooch as well. This guide to a Park City dog friendly escape to the mountains will help you fill the minutes of your getaway with adventures for those with four legs as well as two!

Day 1: Get to Know Your Surroundings

With most of the hours in day one spent traveling from your hometown to Utah, your first moments in town will probably be spent unpacking, standing on balconies drinking in the views, and introducing your pup to its new temporary space. That doesn’t mean you can’t start your explorations with a walk around the community you are staying in, admiring the views, learning the best places to walk your dog, and feeling the stress begin to leave your body as it sets in that you are finally here! Why not end the day with a visit to Este Pizza Park City, a dog-friendly pizza spot located at 1781 Sidewinder Drive Suite 1? Pizza is the universal language of food, and Este’s shaded patio offers a beautiful spot in which to study the “language” deeper!

Day 2: The Mid Mountain Trail

Today is the perfect time to get close to nature and enjoy some dog-friendly things to do in Park City, Utah, and the midmountain trail that cuts across the mountains at Deer Valley wants you and your leashed pup to enjoy the hike of a lifetime. Summer hikes rule, with the green of the trees creating a leafy canopy against the sun and the beauty of blue skies and never-ending golden sun creating a picture in your mind you will never forget! In the fall, however, the explosion of color from those very same trees will ensure that the pictures you take will be frame worthy.

Day 3: Retail Therapy

We all need a little retail therapy in our lives, and with a visit to Barking Cat, located at 1708 Uinta Way, your beautiful Bella the boxer can join in the fun! This full-service pet store invites you to bring along your furriest family member, including a free treat and an Insta/Facebook photo opportunity that will serve as a great reminder of all the fun the entire family had during this wonderful Park City getaway! Barking Cat is also the perfect place to pick up any supplies you may have forgotten to bring along.

Day 4: Park City Dog-Friendly Parks

A dog park is your best friend at home, and the Run-A-Muk Dog Park located at 3399 Olympic Parkway 1759 will continue the theme! Offering 43 acres on which your pet can run unharnessed (leashes aren’t necessary) and a few miles of trails that offer incredible views of Utah Olympic Park, site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, the dog park promises to burn off any excess energy your Jack Russel Terrier may possess in abundance.

Day 5: A Sip and a Savor at High West Distillery & Saloon

High West Distillery & Saloon is famous for their whiskey and you won’t have to leave Lovely Lassie the Lhasa Apso behind when you sample, because their patio is dog friendly! Located in the heart of Park City at 703 Park Ave, their menu is an international affair, offering items like Poutine, schnitzel, and elk & bison Bolognese as well as a thick and juicy Niman Ranch Prime Ribeye that will haunt your heart forevermore! You’ve probably noticed their whiskey on the shelves of your favorite liquor store, but now is the time to sample High West Whiskey in its natural habitat; just try to avoid sharing sips with the pup happily lounging under your table!

Day 6: Snowshoeing Adventures

Many of you hike with your huskies, walk with your Whippet, meander with your Maltese, or even stroll with your Schnauzers, but until you have snowshoed with your Saint Bernard, have you really lived? Snowshoeing is a popular winter activity, one you can enjoy with your pup during your Park City Adventures, renting or purchasing equipment from local sporting goods stores and following the many miles of trails that traverse the town. Be sure your sweetest fur baby has the fur to withstand the cold for this adventure, picking up a coat and booties at the Barking Cat if you’re worried they may not be able to withstand the cold for more than an hour!

Day 7: Wow! That Went Fast!

On your last day in town you may not have much time to enjoy fun dog-friendly things to do in Park City, Utah but pack and enjoy a good breakfast, so it will be the perfect time to visit the Harvest Cafe, 820 Park Avenue! Offering an Australian-inspired menu filled with breakfast items that are healthy AND delicious, your pooch is invited to join in the most important meal of the day at heated tables that also provide shade against the summer sun, if that is when you are visiting. Heading back to your Park City downtown haven to pack won’t seem as sad when you have a full belly of banana bread—their specialty!

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