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Arts and Culture Journey to Park City

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Vacations are the perfect time to expand your horizons, exploring activities that you may not have tried at home. Real life can be busy and stressful, so a fancy dinner out and a night at a theater that doesn’t involve rolling credits at the beginning and end may not be in your wheelhouse, but during your getaway to Park City, you have the perfect opportunity to discover if a good play, a fancy meal, and a visit to some of the top galleries in town is something you might want to bring into your real life at home! Or maybe, it’s been your goal all along, to enjoy Park City, Utah art, culture, and relaxation, and if that’s the case, we at Park City Hotels have created a guide that will help you fulfill your ultimate vacation goals.

Day 1: Easing into the Adventures

The first day of your Park City vacation is more than likely going to be spent making your way to our mountain town, and by the time you arrive, check out your digs for the next week, and declare which space will be yours for sleep, you aren’t going to have much time or energy left to explore anything artsy or cultural! That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to forego a good time on your first night, which is the perfect time to start your epicurean explorations of Park City. 350 Main Brasserie, located at 350 Main Street in the heart of historic downtown, offers a sophisticated American menu in historic digs that still offer some original architectural details and is the perfect place for a first-night dinner in town!

Day 2: Park City Museum

Today’s adventures will transport travelers into the past, with a visit to the Park City Museum located at 528 Main Street. Featuring the town’s original jail in the basement with the building itself offering its own history as the original Park City Town Hall, the past comes to life with a variety of exhibits that begin with our days as a mining town and continue through today. The 1968 firetruck will impress any children joining in the fun of a Utah vacation and the Tozer Gallery offers over 1000 square feet of children and guest curated exhibitions, increasing the cultural values of your second day in Park City.

Day 3: David Beavis Fine Art

Located at 314 Main Street, David Beavis Fine Art Gallery will bring joy to your travels, providing a collection of the artist’s finest works, pieces that he has created during his travels all over the world, and of course, pieces that represent his hometown of Park City. Main Street is populated with a large number of Park City art galleries, so be sure and take this day to walk up and down the street, stopping at the ones that catch your eye!

Day 4: The Egyptian Theater

Built in 1926 when interest in all things Egyptian was at its height, the Egyptian Theater began as a community center, built to help replace the old Dewey Theater when its roof collapsed during an unusually horrific snowstorm in 1916. Over the years it has had many names, many incarnations, and many “near deaths” due to the Great Depression in its early days and neglect in the 1970s. Today, it has been restored to its early glory and is the heart of our entertainment district, offering live entertainment and a place to view movies during Sundance Film Festival and will be a highlight of your visit!

Day 5: Utah Symphony & Opera

The Utah Symphony got its start in 1940 and is one of the top orchestras in the nation today. Its first concert was performed in 1940 in Salt Lake City and has since become one of Park City’s favorite ways to enjoy some Park City, Utah art and culture. Located at 1912 Sidewinder Drive #207 and offering a casual dress code, a night at the symphony in Park City is less intimidating than in other major orchestra cities, such as Boston or New York. Each season begins in September and ends in June, so if you want to add the symphony to your cultural journey, it would be best to skip the later summer months.

Day 6: Kimball Art Center

Offering classes, exhibitions, and special events, the Kimball Art Center’s mission is to “Inspire, Educate, and Connect through Art,” and in our humble opinions, is quite successful at doing just that! Located at 1251 Kearns Boulevard, many of their community events are free, ensuring that a visit can fit into any sized vacation budget.

Day 7: Say Goodbye to Park City Art Galleries for Now

A week is obviously not nearly long enough to experience everything Park City has to offer, and we have a feeling you will be back again, experiencing more and enjoying another stay in our Park City Hotels havens of peace and comfort. Reserve your favorite today!