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Adventure Seeker’s Journey to Park City

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Every Park City vacation is different, offering something different for every traveler, even as the town itself is not all that large. Animal lovers will discover that we too love animals, those seeking arts and culture will find sophisticated activities involving music, art, and theater. And adventure seekers? They too will find that Park City provides everything needed to get the heart pumping, the blood flowing, and the excitement continuing when they take an adventure-seeking journey to the heart of Utah. And because they will come home every night to the comforts and luxuries of our Park City Hotels sanctuaries, they will awaken each morning reading to discover what new adventures our mountain town will bring them, many of which you can learn about simply by reading this guide to the best adventures in Park City!

Day 1: Ski Jumping at Utah Olympic Park

In 2002, Park City’s Utah Olympic Park was home to the Winter Olympics, and today, guests can explore the grounds, watch future Olympians perfect their sport, and discover the thrills of ski jumping at the same park! Involving a very steep slope a large pool and the opportunity to ski into said pool, our Park City Hotels guests will never look at skiing the same way ever again! Also offering ziplining and bob sledding, Utah Olympic Park offers an adventure you will never forget.

Day 2: Snowmobiling in Park City with Red Pine Adventures

Winter adventures in Park City are by nature that much more thrilling than others, and a snowmobiling in Park City guided by the knowledgeable, personable, and very talented guides at Red Pine Adventures promise to help you enjoy an experience designed to make your heart beat faster. Offering over 1000 acres of private land just waiting to be explored, the snowmobiles are fast, the views are stunning, and the bragging rights you will enjoy when you return home and tell all your friends about the adventures you experienced will make you king of the neighborhood!

Day 3: Horseback Tours with Red Pine Adventures

Not all the thrills you can experience in Park City will take place in the winter; our summer activities promise to pump up the excitement as well, starting with the guided horseback tours also offered by Red Pine Adventures. Granted, the speeds you reach won’t come close to your winter ones on the snowmobile, but as you explore the Park City landscape atop the friendly horses they offer, you may decide this is the only way you ever want to play again!

Day 4: Dog Sledding

Alaska isn’t the only state that offers dogsled adventures, and as you speed across the snowy landscape with a team of dogs running their hearts out, you will know that THIS is an adventure you will never forget! Rancho Luna Lobos, located just outside Park City in Peoa, offers thrill seekers the opportunity to enjoy an adventure that is both exciting and heartwarming, especially as you get the chance to meet the pups that will lead the way! Offering a variety of sledding adventures, including a sled school adventure that will teach you how to drive a team, becoming an authentic musher on your own sled. The excitement you will experience as you rush through the countryside will be something you never forget, and falling in love with the sweet animals doing the hard work is a side benefit you won’t be able to avoid!

Day 5: Rafting on the Weber River

Another summer adventure, rafting on the Weber River, is offered by All Seasons Adventures and promises to be the most memorable part of your summer escape to Park City! Ride the rapids in a trip that can last anywhere from 2.5 to 5 hours long, depending on the adventure you book, and enjoy a delicious lunch on the banks of the river as well! This adventure is good for guests from 4 years of age and up and the pictures of your trip will definitely be worthy of framing and hanging on the wall over your sofa!

Day 6: Park City Ghost Tours

Your last full day in Park City deserves an adventure that will bring goosebumps to your skin as it makes your heart beat at breakneck speeds! Park City Ghost Tours takes guests to the places where the curtain between life and afterlife is the thinnest, and as the guides tell stories of the spirits that still roam freely, the photographs you take may offer up some people that you didn’t see when you took each pic! Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance, and tickets cost $30 for adults and $15 for children. Be sure to dress for the weather, wear good walking shoes, and try not to run AWAY from the spirits you may encounter!

Day 7: The Saddest Adventure

Packing your bags and heading home is the only adventure you won’t enjoy during your adventure seeker’s journey to Park City, but the good news is you can always return on another day, so reserve your favorite Park City Hotel rental today and start planning for the next Park City journey! Contact us today!