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Hot Air Ballooning in Park City Utah

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Park City, Utah certainly has some amazing views with mountain vistas of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains, river views and basin views from the Provo River and its related reservoirs like the Deer Creek Reservoir. Sometimes in Park City (January for instance) the best views are the independent film celebrities during the Sundance Film Festival.

But some would argue the best views of Park City would come not from skiing, snow boarding or snowmobiling but rather from the gondola basket of a hot air balloon. Hot air balloon rides have become a popular part of the horizon in Park City.

Hot Air Ballooning in Park City Utah

The hot air balloon pilot is required to have a commercial pilot license. The hot air balloon pilot could also offer instruction. Small hot air balloons without passengers can be classified as ultralight aircraft with no need for a commercial pilot’s license. But for the hot air balloon company that is renting out service, the commercial license is required.

There are many options in hot air balloon ride adventures in Park City. Some are simply an hour or so in the air with a champagne or non-alcoholic celebratory toast after the flight. Other adventures can pair white tablecloth picnics and scenic mountain or basin view trips that are longer in length. Some hot air balloons can have commercial messages on the side or can be made as customized shapes to promote your business for corporate events or at hot air ballooning festivals.

For many the hot air balloon ride is a romantic getaway. It has become the location for proposals, engagement celebrations, weddings and anniversary celebrations. The adventures offered at some of the hot air ballooning companies in Park City are designed for just this type of celebration. They may offer white tablecloth picnic, champagne and other special touches to add to the romance. Consider a sunrise flight over the mountain to start the day with romance, or a sunset flight before you head to Old Town for that special dinner or dancing date.

Many of the packages offered include transportation to your Park City, some allow you to help with the set up. Many companies take digital and/or aerial shots for you to take home to capture the memories. Park City Hotels offers bundled hotel vacation packages tailored to meet your lodging and activity needs!

Park City is a spectacular location with incredible views, to see the scenery from the basket of a beautiful hot air balloon could be an amazing adventure. The idea of gliding over the slopes, being far above the clamoring crowds during the Sundance Film Festival or to see a natural wonder like Bryce Canyon from the hot air balloon ride could be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Imagine saying “I do” as you crest the Mountain with the sunrise sweeping into the vista. This is a stunning resort area, in a spectacular state with a natural beauty that can take your breath away no matter what vehicle you are in. The hot air ballooning in Park City could be the centerpiece of your trip, or one of many adventures in the resort town. Don’t forget to book our FlipKey rentals at the Black Bear Lodge today, and experience the most romantic vacation of your life!