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Fly Fishing in Park City Utah

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Fly fishing seems to be one of those recreational activities that is often elevated to a deeply philosophical experience that seems to be nearly addictive for the fly fishing enthusiast. Bloggers and writers, including screen writers use nearly religious metaphors to describe the feeling of man, fish and water.

Fly Fishing in Park City Utah

Fly fishing in Park City can certainly be in that same level and has certainly been described in the same glowing terms. This is an area offering the fish fly fisherman both brown and rainbow trout from a blue ribbon trout fishery between Utah’s major cities. It is reported that in some areas of the Provo River, the trout run at 3000 trout per mile. Both brown and rainbow trout have hit record lengths with the typical catch 18 inches or bigger.

Noted fishing areas for fly fishing in Utah include Provo, Weber, Logan and Green Rivers. Most of the fly fishing waters generate from the streams of the Uinta Mountains just outside Park City in the Provo River area. The Provo River is divided into three areas: upper, middle and lower. The upper area flows into the Jordanelle Reservoir. The same reservoir and Deer Creek Reservoir feeds the middle section, the lower section flows from Deer Creek Reservoir.

This area offers guided tours, which combine fly fishing expertise with all the equipment and gear needed for a day of landing the ones that didn’t get away. Tours include guided boat adventures or Stillwater tours. The fly fishing adventures in Park City can be several hours, or several days and nearly every variation in between. All the gear and instruction can be included in the package you arrange for your fly fishing in Park City. In addition to the more popular Provo River areas they can arrange fly fishing in Weber and Strawberry Rivers. The fly fishing guides are knowledgeable in the right flies for the right areas, and which are the best techniques to land the big one.

The fly fishing adventure is often arranged for one or two people but can be a great experience for a group. Whether that is your family or a corporate group, or just a great group of friends; the fly fishing adventure can be designed for a great experience for all. This can include food, lodging and all the gear needed including the expertise. Many of the adventures are just a few hours but several days can be scheduled as well.

There are dozens of fly fishing equipment vendors, as well as equal numbers of outfitters and tour-guided fly fishing adventure companies close to our FlipKey Black Bear Lodge rentals. There are companies that work with the local mountain resorts, as well as the more independent vendor.

This is an area of great natural beauty. The Provo River flows through the Heber Valley, the majesty of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains make a stunning backdrop to the waters and natural beauty of the fish and local wildlife. The area also offers a number of clinics and classes on fly fishing techniques, fly options and best ways to land all the fish you want. Click here and browse through some of our best Park City short-term hotel rentals now!