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Snowshoeing in Park City

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Snowshoeing has served as a way of getting around deep snow areas for thousands of years and has been traced back to around the year 4000 BC, but back then, snowshoes were used out of necessity. There weren’t concrete streets or sidewalks, plowed or shoveled by city workers or neighbors—just fields of open land that stretched out for miles—and although it was possible to cross by breaking through, wearing snowshoes made the walk much more efficient. Today, we tend to look at snowshoeing as another way to exercise, and although the sport had lost favor for a while, outdoor enthusiasts are rediscovering a liking for the sport, with Park City offering hundreds of trails that are perfect for experiencing the fun of snowshoeing! We at Park City Hotels are excited about this new again sport and have compiled this guide to snowshoeing in Park City, reminding travelers that even as you cut across that pristine snow, all trails lead back to the comforts of our Park City Hotels seasonal sanctuaries.

The Equipment

The best part of snowshoeing is the realization that you don’t need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment, and there are plenty of shops in Park City that rent out what is needed. A pair of snowshoes and a set of snowshoe poles will get you started, both of which can be rented at places such as Silver Star Ski & Sport (1825 Three Kings Drive #85) or Park City Sport (1335 Lowell Avenue #104). Warm clothing, moisture-wicking long underwear, and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the snow are also recommended and will probably already be included in the suitcase you packed for your Utah adventures.

Where to Go Snowshoeing in Park City

Now that you are equipped for the hike, it is time to discover where in Park City is a great place to snowshoe, and our favorite place, the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter, is our best suggestion! Spreading out over 1200 acres and providing many miles of trails, travelers have the opportunity to take a guided tour on Saturday mornings beginning at 8 AM or can take a self-guided tour any day of the week. Maps can be picked up at the EcoCenter, and reservations for guided tours can be made by calling (435) 649-1767.

Warmth Found Here

After a day of trekking along the trails of Park City, coming home to Park City Hotels every night will bring you warmth, comfort, and numerous ways to relax! Reserve your favorite sanctuary today.