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Snowboarding in Park City

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Not all winter adventures involve two sticks snapped to your feet; some can involve a single board, an exciting terrain, and a day filled with the purest of joys! Snowboarding is a sport that is finally coming into its own as more ski resorts are making room for the board and daredevils all over the world are discovering its joys. Park City is, of course, a popular snowboard destination spot, and although Deer Valley Ski Resort has not jumped on the bandwagon, Park City Ski Resort has more than enough terrain to ensure that every minute of your snowboard vacation will be filled with all the excitement you can handle. Coming home to Park City Hotels after your time snowboarding in Park City will be the bonus you never knew could be this great, giving each guest hours filled with luxury and relaxation!

Park City Snowboarding In Comparison

Snowboarding is definitely the new kid on the block, especially when you consider it has only been around since the 1960s, compared to skiing, which humble beginning is thought to have started sometime around 8000 BC! While still a baby in the sports world, snowboarding is beginning to usurp the popularity of skiing, and Park City Ski Resort has firmly taken its lead by offering the largest skiing and snowboard resort in the United States! Featuring six terrain parks, one half-pipe, and one mini-pipe, our historic mountain has proudly moved to the forefront of the sport! No matter what your snowboard experience level is, you will find a park at the mountain that will match. The Little Kings Park is at the base for beginners, Pick Axe Park provides thrills for those whose skills have moved them out of the “play park”, and 3 Kings is for showing the world you really know what you are doing! Less is not more in Park City, however, and for boarders who have never met a challenge they can’t conquer, the 22’ Eagle Superpipe had the eyes of the world on it when it hosted the 2002 Olympics. And finally, the 13’ foot mini pipe, while not world-famous, will give you the ideal spot to perfect the sport you have come to love.

Snowboarding in Park City Snowboarding in Park City

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Soak in the Luxury

Snowboarders understand the aches and pains that can accompany time at the terrain parks, and we at Park City Hotels offer the perfect Park City ski hotels to relax, recharge, and recover from your Park City snowboarding adventures! Contact us and reserve your favorite escape today and soak in the luxury you deserve.