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Skiing in Park City

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There are many things that make our mountain-top city stand out in the world of travel destinations, but at the heart of it, it is the mountains that invite tourists to visit with all the fun they offer. Schussing down the slopes of Park City or Deer Valley Ski Resort is a life-changing activity, especially when you participate in après ski activities after the sun has set on your daytime adventures. And because all fun begins and ends in our Park City Hotels seasonal sanctuaries, your Park City ski vacation is destined to be the adventure you will never forget and will wish never had to end. This guide to everything that makes skiing in Park City your newest obsession will give you new reasons to make every winter journey one that involves a set of skis, a beautiful mountain, and the freedom to enjoy both!

Two Resorts to Choose From for Skiing in Park City

Unlike all those other ski resorts you may have read about, Park City offers two beautiful ski resorts to spend your days exploring! Park City Ski Resort offers an elevation of over 10,000 feet, 7300 skiable acres, and 330 Park City ski trails just waiting to be conquered. The difficulty levels of those Park City ski trails are designed to ensure that all skill levels of skiers can enjoy the experience, with 8% of the terrain built for beginners, 42% for intermediate, and a whopping 50% offering the best skiers in the world a challenge they will never forget. Novice skiers can improve their skills with classes that are divided into age groups, and ski gear can be rented at the ski shop for those who haven’t brought their own equipment. Multiple restaurants and cafes will help provide the fuel bodies need when participating in such a power-driven sport.

Skiing in Park City Skiing in Park City

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Deer Valley Ski Resort offers very similar stats but on a more intimate scale, including a top elevation of over 9500 feet, 2000+ skiable acres, and 103 runs. Novice skiers will have more opportunities to explore the beginner slopes, as 27% of the mountain is for beginners, 41% is intermediate, and the remaining 32% is left for those daredevils that never met a challenge they wouldn’t accept! Ski school is for all ages, divided into separate age groups so even adult skiers won’t feel embarrassed when a much younger “teacher’s pet” shows them up.

Warm Up Comfortably

If the slopes are calling your name, Park City will be the only place you want to answer that call, and coming home to Deer Valley ski hotels will be the prize at the end of all your fun-filled ski adventures! Offering comfortable spaces to warm up and wind down, winter will be your favorite season, if it isn’t already. Contact us to reserve your favorite escape today!

  • FAQs About Park City Skiing

FAQs About Park City Skiing

  • How does Park City compare to the big Colorado resorts?

    While most people think about Colorado when they begin planning their ski vacations, the ones that choose Park City are pleasantly surprised. Offering a smaller, more intimate ski experience that is both family friendly and less expensive, you may never go back to Colorado again!

  • How many skiable acres are in Park City?

    If you count downhill skiing, at the moment there is currently there are over 9000 total skiable acres, divided amongst two resorts, Park City Ski Resort, and Deer Valley Ski Resort. There is a third ski resort making an entrance in the Park City arena, however, the Mayflower Ski Resort, that will be bringing 4300 skiable acres to the table. Merging with Deer Valley in the 2025/2026 ski season, the ski scene in Park City will definitely be able to compete with far larger ski resorts all over the world.

  • Do the resorts offer ski lessons?

    Not only do they offer ski lessons, but novice skiers also don’t have to worry about being stuck in classes with kiddos, as they offer a variety of lessons divided into age groups. Also breaking down the classes even further, if skiers don’t want to show off their imagined inadequacies to a bunch of strangers, for an extra fee, your lessons can be private ones.

  • How close to the slopes can I get with Park City Hotels?

    Skiers want to spend as much of their vacation time on the slopes as they can, and Park City Hotels not only understands their obsession, but we also provide ski in/ski out properties that allow you to do just that. Step outside, walk a few feet to the nearest lift, and let your ski adventures begin!