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Many travelers are a little unsure about visiting places they have never visited before, fearing that they will never learn their way around town or that they will miss out on something important, and while those are both perfectly valid fears, we at Park City Hotels have a little secret that will alleviate them. This secret is fun and helps visitors learn their way while also giving them an idea of what to do. It is quite simple: Schedule a tour or two for the first couple of days of your visit and get the cliff notes version of what to see and do! These abbreviated adventures will allow you to get your bearings and will help you decide what interests you and what doesn’t, and you can spend more time later exploring the things you really fell in love with. This guide will give you a couple of ideas on what kinds of Park City tours are available during your unforgettable vacation!

Guided Summer Walking Tours, Park City Museum, June 26th-September 1st

Summer in Park City is a glorious time, offering moderate temps and stunning views, and the Park City Museum Guided Summer Walking Tours ensure visitors can gain a closer understanding of our beautiful mountain town. Main Street is the center of everything historic in Park City, and the tour will give guests a peek into the architecture, the history, and the people that helped make our town what it is today! Guided tours are held Monday through Friday during the days listed above.

High West Distillery High West Distillery

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Park City Food Walking Tour, Book Online

There are so many choices for dining in our town of culinary excellence, and this food tour allows guests to munch their way down Main Street, sampling a taste of the town! Lasting two hours and serving up all the deliciousness you can handle, alcohol is not included but can be purchased at an additional price with a valid ID. Book your tour online and be sure to arrive hungry at the appointed time!

Park City Ghost Tours, 415 Main Street (435) 615-7673

Not everyone marches to the beat of the same drummer, and for those who enjoy stepping outside the box when it comes to vacation expeditions, Park City Ghost Tours will give them exactly what they want! Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance and Park City excursions leave at 7 PM sharp, taking walkers to the spots where the veil between the spirit world and the real world are the thinnest. Bring your camera and carefully examine your pictures after and you may even capture the image of someone you didn’t realize was there in the moment!

Relax After a Long Day of Park City Excursions

You can get a beautiful view of the town and the mountains that guard it when you choose Park City Hotels for your vacation accommodations. Contact us for more information and reserve your favorite today!

  • FAQs About Park City Tours

FAQs About Park City Tours

  • Why should I take a tour while in Park City?

    We understand that not everyone enjoys the crowd mentality, but a tour can be nice to help travelers get a better idea of what there is to do in town, perhaps choosing to come back and explore the things that interest most at another time.

  • What kind of tours can I participate in while on my Park City vacation?

    That’s the really cool thing about our town. While it isn’t that large there is so much to see and do you may want to plan additional visits just to see it all! Tours can include a foodie tour of the restaurants, walking tours of the historic areas of Park City, even cultural tours of the museums, galleries, and theaters that make this town special.

  • What is your favorite Park City tour?

    We love this mountain village of ours so much that we can honestly say we recommend every tour to every person, to ensure that a well-rounded visit is enjoyed. But, if we had to choose one, we would recommend the Park City Ghost Tours, located in Miner’s Park, simply because it is so unique! Telling the ghost stories of Park City and taking you where the lines between the spirit world and the living are quite blurred, this tour will be something you talk about long after you have returned home.

  • Are the homes of Park City Hotels haunted, too?

    While we can’t promise 100 percent that the echoes of the past can’t be experienced in our Park City Hotels vacation escapes, we can tell you that you won’t be awakened by moans or rattling of chains in the middle of the night! As a matter of fact, chances are you will enjoy the best night’s sleep of your life in our most comfortable beds!