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A hike is one of the best ways to lower your stress levels, bring serenity to your soul, and of course, offer a variety of health benefits. When on vacation, however, it is also an awesome way to enjoy a different look at the town in which you are vacationing, especially when that hike takes place in Park City, Utah. Offering stunning views as well as giving visitors a little challenge when they are scrambling along Park City hiking trails, the hikes enjoyed here provide a little bit of a break from the glitz and glamour of your vacation adventures. This guide to Park City hikes you can experience during your Utah getaway will steer you in the right direction, and when the hike has come to its natural conclusion, coming home to Park City Hotels will steer you to comfort relaxation, and luxury.

The Best Park City Hiking Trails: Blood Lake and Lackawaxen Trail

With a gain in elevation of only 465 feet, this hiking-only trail is one of our favorites, lasting just 2.8 miles round trip; we love the mountains, but hiking up can make us breathe heavier than we like! Because of the ease of the hike and the beauty of the surroundings, it can get crowded on the weekends, but vacationers enjoy the luxury of being able to hike on weekdays and may enjoy having it to themselves. The Lackawaxen Trail will take hikers to the stunning beauty of Lake Lackawaxen, where a plethora of photo opportunities abound!

Park City Hiking Park City Hiking

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Silver Lake Trail

The Silver Lake Trail, at 4.4 miles in length, isn’t the longest trail on our list, but it definitely has the highest gain in elevation, taking hikers (or joggers if you are up to the challenge) on an elevation gain of 1433 feet! With that being said, it is a relatively easy trail to complete for hikers of intermediate or expert skill levels, and the rewards for the extra effort are plentiful. Starting at the bottom of the Silver Lake chairlift and taking hikers on a voyage through a forest of aspens on the way to the top of Bald Mountain, the views from the top will thrill.

Three Divide Lakes Trail

The last of the trails we are discussing today is the Three Divide Lakes Trail, extending out 5.4 miles in length but only featuring an elevation gain of 547 feet. Dog, hiking, jogging, and backpacking friendly, this trail offers lake views and a sense of accomplishment at the trail end that will make even those who aren’t quite sure they appreciate the activity become enamored with hiking!

Enjoy these Park City Hikes and Recuperate in Comfort

Trail’s end isn’t something to be disappointed about in Park City; it just means that you are that much closer to the luxuries offered in our mountain view hotels in Park City, Utah! Contact us and reserve your favorite today.

  • FAQs About Park City Hiking

FAQs About Park City Hiking

  • I’m traveling with young children and want to encourage a love of hiking. What are some good trails that little legs can manage?

    The McPolin Nature Trail is one of our favorite trails when hiking with our kids, extending out just 1.6 miles and offering just a slight gain in elevation (160 feet). Offering stunning views of the wildflowers in the spring, this well maintained trail takes hikers through beautiful farmland, giving the opportunity to check out cows and other wildlife.

  • I’ve been hiking for decades and need a challenge. What is the most challenging trail in Park City?

    There are a two options for extremely challenging trails in Park City, both offering varying degrees of elevation gain and stunning views. The Mid-Mountain Trail, accessible from Park City Mountain Village, is the longest trail with a length of 23 miles, while also offering an elevation gain of over 2700 feet. Wasatch Crest Trail is 18 miles long, can take a full day to complete, and offers a challenging elevation gain of over 3000 feet. (The views will take your breath away!)

  • Where’s a good place to eat after a long hike?

    Because Park City is such an outdoor adventure spot, most of the restaurants in town serve hearty meals designed to stick to your ribs, but perhaps the Eating Establishment, located at 317 Main Street will be the one that can meet the challenge of conquering your hearty appetite. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is reasonably priced and offers a casual vibe.

  • My legs are killing me, does Park City Hotels offer rentals with hot tubs?

    After a long hike nothing soothes achy muscles more than a soak in a hot tub and most of our Park City Hotels escapes offer private ones, but if your condo doesn’t, chances are there is a community hot tub just waiting to be used.