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The communities that make up Park City all have something special and unique that makes them an integral part of any traveler’s vacation, and Park City Hotels offers properties in the best of the best. When you share the name of the town you love, you want to make a good impression on the people who may not have visited before. We can’t help it, it’s just the way we are made! Today, we want to take a few minutes out of your day to discuss the beauty, charm, and amenities offered at Black Bear Lodge in Deer Valley. Offering a rustic luxury that blends sophistication and simplicity at the same time, your stay in any of our Black Bear Lodge escapes is destined to provide the cornerstone for a vacation that you will wish never had to end! This guide to this Deer Valley complex located in the shadow of the ski lifts will give you options to anticipate in the days, weeks, and months leading up to your Utah escape to the mountains!

Standing Out While Blending In

Springing from the landscape with rustic beauty, the wood, glass, and stone of the Black Bear Lodge buildings have managed the art of standing out while still blending in. The main entrance provides a touch of whimsy and irony, as a carved wood bear greets each guest with a snowboard in hand. What is the irony you wonder? Deer Valley Ski Resort is a ski resort only, and snowboarding is not permitted. (Of course, snowboarders can enjoy the terrain of Park City Ski Resort which isn’t that far away!) The Black Bear community meanders along the Park City landscape, each building filled with residences containing simple luxuries and all the comforts of home.

Before we enter the spaces that Park City Hotels offer, however, we urge you to walk along the sidewalks of the community, breathing deep the fresh mountain air and listening to the whispering of pine trees stirring in the breeze. Soon you will find yourself standing outside the wood and stone gates of one of their most popular amenities. A crystal-clear pool, heated for your comfort anchors the space, and in one corner, a community hot tub bubbles happily under blue skies. A propane grill rests in another corner of the space, meant to be used by guests, while the patio table provides a place to enjoy your fresh grilled meal.

Inside, a community fitness center helps guests burn off some of their excess energy while ensuring that no matter how many rich meals you consume during your Utah adventures, you will still fit nicely into your ski clothes! Located on the free shuttle route travelers can get around town without having to put a strain on their bank accounts, but if a road trip is desired, the heated underground garage will ensure that your car stays warm, dry, and ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. Located mid-mountain, guests can be on the lifts and soon after, on the slopes within minutes of leaving the complex and a ski storage area will be much appreciated during the cold and fun days of the winter months.

Just a Peek

Now that you have experienced an in-depth tour of the Black Bear in Deer Valley and all its amenities, it is time to take a peek inside our Park City Hotels homey residences. Offering a rustic cabin appeal with the sophisticated elegance of a New York City penthouse apartment, these spaces are built to spoil. Fireplaces built of stone take up a large part of the wall opposite comfortable furnishings, and above the mantels, guests will find the state of the televisions that will provide moments of entertainment during down times. Dining tables surrounded by enough seats for every seat in your traveling party are where games will be played and meals will be eaten, and modern kitchens provide encouragement to stay in, cook a meal, and maybe enjoy a cozy night at home on a snowy Utah night. Fully equipped with updated appliances, including small appliances like toasters and coffee makers, these spaces are the heart of the condo. At night, when the black skies are dotted with the twinkling of a billion stars, our bedrooms will provide the nightlife you crave, promising deep sleep and happy dreams for all who reside within. Throughout all the rooms, mountain chic décor and large windows that provide unobstructed views of the landscape and the mountains just outside, remind occupants that life is better when you are in the mountains!

Live the Good Life at Black Bear in Deer Valley

Life is too short to stay in bad vacation accommodations, and our Park City Hotels Black Bear Lodge mountain escapes will convince you that you deserve more. Reserve your favorite unit today!

The communities that can be found throughout the neighborhoods of Park City all offer something that enhances the region, especially the ones in which our Park City Hotels offer homes and condos. Built to withstand the winter cold and reflect the stunning landscape that surrounds them, every place we offer is destined to enhance your vacation experience! Today, we want to talk about the Arrowleaf community, one that is located within a short distance of Deer Valley and offers 2- and 3-bedroom residences that will bring joy to your stay. Every day will be a new adventure when you choose Arrowleaf in Park City for your sanctuary, and this guide will show you all the reasons why.

Sophistication on the Mountain

Mountain homes often tend to go for a rustic charm, amplifying the beauty of the area while keeping life simple on the inside, but Arrowleaf properties have always tended towards elegant sophistication. The clubhouse does offer wood floors and dark wood beams, but the chairs gathered in front of the large stone fireplace are all modern, offering a puffy jacket style that is comfortable and stylish. The lighting options in said building are glass and chrome, with some hanging lamps actually resembling selfie lights that all the influencers require for equipment, and the artwork on the walls is simple—a set of old wood skis photographed at close range and cut into a triptych that hangs on the wall over the pool table. Inside, travelers will find a coffee and hot cocoa bar, plenty of comfortable seating, and complimentary Wi-Fi for those who like to sit, scroll, and savor quiet moments amidst fellow travelers. The ski storage room, built to resemble the lockers of an exclusive country club, offers wood lockers, benches, and pegs to hold your warm coats while preparing for your ski adventures.

Outside, the Arrowleaf at Empire Pass does feature a rustic charm with stone walls, iron gates, and wood and glass structures seeming to grow from the ground, much like the trees that shade the community. An outdoor common area is often filled with laughing and chattering groups of skiers, waiting for their families to be ready to hit the slopes, and the community hot tubs present a wonderful way to stay warm and keep your muscles loose and limber. New friendships are often made in these bubbling bodies of water, which are somehow even more soothing and fun when the snow is piled on the landscape! Throughout the community, firepits are popular spots after a long day of skiing, (Deer Valley only permits skiers, no snowboarding is allowed) and as the chairlifts cut through the buildings, it’s ok to call out a friendly hello to the skiers riding above you! Shuffleboard is another game that can be played at Arrowleaf, but if you choose to just walk along the sidewalks on a snowy evening or as the sun sets in the summer months, no one will judge you for avoiding the shuffleboard tables!

Concierge services are available for travelers, perhaps guiding visitors to the best restaurants, offering transportation suggestions, or even helping guests to find a personal chef. Parking is free at Arrowleaf and can be in the private areas, or in the heated garages that keep your car warm, dry, and ready for a road trip adventure at a moment’s notice. Every attention is paid to every detail and guests that choose an Arrowleaf sanctuary for their Park City Hotels lodging will feel pampered and spoiled!

Sneak a Peek into Comfort at Arrowleaf Park City

This guide is dedicated to showing travelers all the reasons the Arrowleaf at Empire Pass may be the only one they want to stay in, and offering a sneak peek into the residences we offer there will help guests make their final decisions. Offering fully equipped kitchens with updated appliances, comfy living rooms with stone fireplaces providing warmth and romance, and dining rooms that will be the center of most family activities, our havens manage to combine a sophisticated style and homey ambiance at the same time.

Relax in overstuffed reading chairs as the fire crackles and snow falls to the ground outside; the views framed in walls of windows will make you think of a Norman Rockefeller scene, and when you and your family are added to the picture, you are sure to think this vacation is the best ever! Spending an hour or so happily submerged in the fragrant waters of the bath you ran, sipping chardonnay and savoring the soft music playing in the background, you will soon find that even the travelers with the worst sleep issues will find their joy in our alpine bedrooms! At night, your sleep will be deep, and your dreams will be happy as you drift off into oblivion, tucked away in warm beds that make you feel safe and secure.

Reserve your favorite Park City Hotels Arrowleaf abode today!

Park City has been through many incarnations during its time as a town, but at its heart, it is a mountain town, meant to be enjoyed on the slopes. The properties we offer at Park City Hotels reflect that mountain heart! Springing out of the earth as if a part of nature and yet still providing a stunning contrast to the mountains that stand guard over our town, every community we “build” in offers something that is uniquely Park City, and even more uniquely, an example of how we take care of our guests. Today, we want to start at the beginning of the alphabet, visiting the community of Apex in Park City and exploring the amenities, luxuries and comforts the condos we offer for rent have to offer. As you take a tour of words, remember: When your first name is Park City, you have a responsibility to uphold the charm and style of the town, and Park City Hotels is proud to do just that!

Luxury Matters

Apex is a relatively new community in Park City, having been constructed in 2017, and although it may not have the historical details that some of our Main Street properties do, choosing Apex Residences in Park City will give travelers that touch of luxury that makes life special. Built of wood and glass, it appears a part of the mountains at Canyon Village, and its spot high on the mountain ensures that the views you will enjoy from the properties we offer there will never be eclipsed. Apex is defined as the top or highest part of something and no condos will be built above them! Offering a ski-in/ski-out lifestyle in the winter months, thanks to the resort-style pool, it is also an excellent summer escape. Heated pools can be used much of the year and although many of our Apex rentals also offer private hot tubs, the community hot tub is still a welcome addition to your vacation amenities! The clubhouse of Apex can be utilized by residents and guests, and its fitness center, steam room, sauna, and game room will ensure that every minute of your stay will be filled with fun and relaxation, especially if you are sipping cocktails in the lounge or receiving spa treatments at the Apex spa. Garages that are heated keep vehicles warm and dry and ready for a road trip at a moment’s notice and in the winter, a free shuttle, the Canyons Village Connect is available for quick rides around town! Concierge services can arrange for private transportation if you prefer, however, as well as providing personal chefs at additional fees.

Welcome Home

The best part of the community, however, may be the condos we provide for travelers from all over the world. Offering 3 or 4 bedrooms and an equal number of baths, these stylish units are modern, sophisticated, and still manage to reflect the beauty of the mountains that surround them. Spacious and warm, the kitchens are the heart of the homes, but the dining rooms may be the center of all family activity! Gather around large tables with your family, playing games, chatting, and devouring meals or start a fire in the living room, settling down on a snowy night with a good book, a great glass of wine, and a few hours stretching out ahead of you to fill with the magic that always accompanies the stories on the pages written by your favorite authors. Decks that look out over the mountains will provide bird’s eye views that will sneak into your soul and make a home there. Some of our condos will offer private hot tubs, others may provide multiple fireplaces, (including one in the primary suite) and all will offer gourmet kitchens that will encourage guests to cook at least a few meals at home.

Bedrooms are havens of peace and comfort offering premium beds, televisions, sitting areas, and en suite baths with soaking tubs or showers with multiple shower heads. Storage rooms for your skis will help you keep skis out of the way and ensure that the floors stay dry in public spaces and washers and dryers stacked behind closet doors will allow you to pack light and save room in your luggage for the souvenirs you purchase in historic downtown Park City. Every space is designed with your comfort in mind and every day spent in an Apex property will be your favorite.

Apex Residences in Park City

However you spend your time in Park City, coming home every evening to the comforts found in our Apex abodes will make memories you will never forget! Reserve your favorite sanctuary today and discover all the reasons Park City Hotels is the first choice in vacation accommodations and why Apex in Park City may be the perfect choice for you and your family.