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There is more to Park City than just the slopes on the mountain. You will find a variety of unique shops and boutiques located right here on Historic Main Street. If you are a lover of the arts or enjoy viewing unique pieces of artwork, you need to stop in Terzian Galleries. This local art gallery features a variety of incredible artists who put up their works of art for viewing. A stop in Terzian Galleries lets you slow down and see artwork you could not even imagine before seeing them.

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Local Representation

Terzian Galleries has been open since 2004 and has placed a contemporary spin on representing emerging artists. Owner Karen Terzian continues to reach new and talented artists to be featured right here in the gallery. Long-term relationships with these artists allow them to be featured time after time. If you are an up-and-coming artist, you may even find yourself featured on the walls of Terzian Galleries.

Seasonal Exhibits

Terzian Galleries features rotating exhibits throughout the year, changing out the artwork on display. Renowned artists such as Sarah Peterson and Samuel Walker have all had exhibits dedicated to their work here at Terzian Galleries. Each exhibit typically lasts for a month allowing you to see something different each time you visit Park City.

Art Auctions

The work displayed at Terzian Galleries is not just for viewing. Terzian Galleries will often put up the artwork for sale through an auction. Most pieces of art start with a set price and can be bid on. Enjoy one of these auctions during your stay and bring home a truly unique gift for someone back home. Each piece of art is created by a professional artist who will benefit from your purchase.

Finding Terzian Galleries

As mentioned, Terzian Galleries can be found right here in downtown Park City. The gallery is currently relocating to a new location right here in Park City that will be unveiled on an upcoming date. For any questions, reach out to Terzian Galleries by calling 435-649-4927 or by emailing candy@terziangalleries.com.

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