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Alpine Slides – Park City, Utah

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If you’re looking for something different to do this summer, and you happen to live or be visiting Park City, Utah there is something you just have to try. One of the world’s longest alpine slides is located at the Park City Mountain Resort. This slide is one of the summer season special treats that wait for you whether you live here or you’re just visiting Park City.
It’s no wonder that the alpine slides are such a popular past-time for families and children alike. It’s a massive adrenaline rush as you zip down more than three thousand feet of sliding and gliding track on your sled. You get just an inkling of what it must be like to be a luge or bobsled driver in the Winter Olympics. Your gut wrenches as you go through the banked turns. You and your sled speed like a rocket on the straight-aways. There are four different tracks to choose from. The Quicksilver alpine slide is a special slide, and the first of its kind in North America. Quicksilver features a European-styled alpine slide with a steel track, making it a fast and furious ride that’s loads of fun.

Another thing that many folks enjoy at the Park City Mountain Resort is the Alpine Coaster, a “roller coaster” of sorts in a rugged mountain setting. This elevated track allows you to explore over a mile of the Park City Mountain Resort while traveling in your “car” at speeds up to 30 miles per hour on a track that makes you navigate loops, curves and hair-pin turns. It’s a rush to zip down the track while coasting past mountain views, rivers and valleys.

For children to ride solo on either of these rides, they must be more than two years old and less than 48 inches tall. For those who are below the age of two, an adult must accompany them on either the Alpine Slide or the Alpine Coaster. No actual driving experience is necessary, however riders on the Park City Alpine Slide must be able to stop their sled at the end without assistance.

Current rates for one ride of the Park City Alpine Slide are three dollars for those 48 inches and smaller, and eleven dollars for those above 48 inches in height. The current rates for a chance to ride the Alpine Coaster are seven dollars for those below fifty four inches tall, and twenty dollars for those above fifty four inches in height.

For a chance to experience both of these incredible rides, a combo pass is available for $25, but is only available for those who are 54” and above. Either way, this is a great way to experience Park City, in a completely new way. Speeding along on the Alpine Coaster or the Alpine Slide in Park City, Utah. A totally new way to explore all that Park City has to offer!