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Park City Cross Country Skiing

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Park City is truly America’s favorite winter playground, offering a variety of ways to enjoy the snow and views that have made their way into our visitors’ hearts. Not everyone loves heights, however, and the thought of riding a chair lift all the way to the top of a mountain may be frightening, but that’s ok! For those who like to stay closer to earth, Park City cross-country skiing adventure will provide all that makes winter fun, while also providing a healthy dose of exercise! Park City Hotels understands the appeal of this beautiful sport, and our guide to what may become your newest winter obsession will ensure that you will sacrifice nothing during your vacation escape to Utah.

Learn More About Cross Country Skiing in Park City, Utah

As we mentioned above, regular skiing involves great heights and is limited to downhill, but when you take up cross-country skiing as your sport of choice, you can expand your adventures to virtually EVERYWHERE! Using your own locomotion to propel you forward instead of relying on gravity to give its push to your back in downhill skiing, cross-country skiing involves a few more muscles than traditional skiing, but once you try, we think you will be hooked.

Park City Cross Country Skiing Park City Cross Country Skiing

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White Pine Nordic Center, 1541 Thaynes Canyon Drive, (435) 649-6249

If you have never attempted cross-country skiing in Park City, Utah, White Pine Nordic Center offers everything you need to become an expert at the sport. Providing lessons (There is a trick to moving along trails that don’t go downhill!) and tours of trails that will ensure you don’t get lost, you’ll explore trails that aren’t too difficult (it just depends on your skill level) while finding incredible views that you will never forget. Their groomed tracks come in 3K, 5K, and 10K loops, allowing guests to pick the one that is perfect for them, and if you are planning on being in the area for longer than a week, you may want to check out their season passes.

Ski Home to Park City Hotels

Whether you are coasting with gravity down the mountain or are using your own motion to propel yourself through the countryside, coming home to Park City Hotels ski-in ski-out rentals will be the perfect prize at the end of the day! Offering warmth, comfort, and the luxury that today’s travelers crave, our hideaways may just end up being your favorite part of your getaway. Reserve your favorite today!

  • FAQs About Park City Cross Country Skiing

FAQs About Park City Cross Country Skiing

  • What is the difference between cross country skiing and downhill skiing?

    While the gear is the same and both sports can only be enjoyed in the winter months, the difference between the two is displayed in their names. Cross country skiing, also called Nordic skiing, is enjoyed in the flat countryside, no slopes involved. Downhill skiing takes place on the mountain, offering speed and the sensation of flying, and maybe a hint of danger to those who like to live life on the edge.

  • Is cross country skiing easier?

    You may be surprised to learn that cross country skiing can be a bit more difficult, as you are having to learn a new way to maneuver across flat land, using muscles you rarely engage. It is easier when falling, however, because you don’t have to worry about continuing your fall down a slope.

  • Where can I cross country ski in Park City?

    Any public open landscape can be a potential cross country ski spot, but the amenities found at White Pine Touring Nordic Center, 1541 Thaynes Canyon Drive, can be most helpful to novices. Offering tours, lessons, and many, many miles of groomed trails, it won’t take long until you are crossing the landscape like a pro.

  • I have been cross country skiing all day and I can’t seem to get warm. Does Park City Hotels offer homes with fireplaces?

    Most of us at Park City Hotels have lived here much of our lives and we understand the luxury and warmth a fireplace can provide. As such, yes, most of our properties are equipped with fireplaces that may be wood burning (logs will be provided) or gas which can be turned on with the click of a switch.